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News and Facts

For the time being, there won´t be any more news to be find on this page. Maybe that will change in the future.

Do you´d like to hear and see my guitars in a very informative video? To learn more about my work, about Aspe guitars, and listen to how they sound, please visit:


In March 2017 my good friend Rogier drove over 4.000 kilometers to visit me in Extremadura, Spain. He brought his Furch C 21-CM guitar. Here he can be seen playing it:


Good news, the intensive process of investigation and devellopment in search for the best sounding amplifier I ever heard, is over; it is finished! It was completely designed and built by Aspe Guitars. It is the second member (beside a guitar) of the Aspe "Frogless" series, which will surely be continued. Some specs:
-Totallay powered by tubes (9)
-Power of 20W
-Hand soldered, mostly point to point
-Extra duty output transformer for a deep tight and well controlled low
-The inlayed frog excists of 45 pieces of abalone and mother of pearl
-The box is constructed with 22mm birch plywood
-Speaker outputs of 4,8 y 16 Ohm
-The adjustable parameters are: volume, treble, mid, bass, reverb, intensity, tremolo y master
-Some hidden features are to be find on the back panel
-The is a dedicated speakerbox made with an internal mic(SM57) in a fixed position

Aspe Guitars is planning offering a lot more service for users of tube amps, like interchange the tubes and setting the bias.

Here you can see one of the first TV emisions about Aspe Guitars in Spain, it was recorded years ago:https://www.canalextremadura.es/node/84296  The part about Aspe Guitars starts from 01:55 and ends on 07:24. All in spanish, sorry! But the images are nice anyway.

Jasper was proud to appear several more times on national Spanish TV and radio to publicize the activities of Aspe Guitars. The ones beside was one of the first days in Spain. A recent two page feature was printed in the "Hoy" newspaper and again focused on the quality and skills of Aspe Guitars.

Here you can find an illustrated interview: https://www.vivirextremadura.es/jasper-boerma-lutier/

A striking guitar built by Aspe Guitars was especialy adapted to the demanding wishes of Manu Herrera, a really gifted Extremaduran guitar player. Manu, it was an honour and a pleasure working with you! After he recorded his entire CD with the Aspe MH1 guitar, it is for sale now!

OK, let´s make things clear and avoid misunderstandings. We publiced our Return Policy on the Spanish page. Please ask for a translation if you´re not sure about the details.